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Dutch Doors only belong in day care centers

You might think that dutch doors only belong in daycare centers. They are pretty much perfect for keeping the little crawlers corralled while letting in sunshine and fresh air. However, there are several practical ways that you can add a dutch door into your own home and it will look like it was meant to be there. You don’t even need little ones to do it! So get your exterior paint ready and take a look at these 10 tips for adding a dutch door in your home.

Dutch Door Brown

Cottages are definitely good examples of charming dutch doors.

It really is surprising how many characters a dutch door can bring to space. This makes them perfect for that tiny stoop that really gives you no styling space. Just choose your favorite bright color and you’ll find that you won’t miss the square footage.

When choosing a color for your dutch door, don’t forget how it will look on the inside. Since you will probably see the outside of the top half more than you usually see the outside of your door, it’s important that your colors will mesh when you have the top half open.